AFGSC Set to Implement “3+3” Rotation

Air Force Global Strike Command is set to begin implementing the “3+3” operational tour concept for missile combat crew officers as part of the Force Improvement Program for airmen in the nuclear force. Implementation of the new career rotation concept is expected to start Nov. 1 at Malmstrom AFB, Mont., according to an AFGSC release. It will affect all officers in the nuclear and missile operations (13N) career field. When fully operational, missileers will focus on developing their weapon system proficiency during their first three-year tour. In their second three-year assignment, they will serve as instructors, evaluators, and/or flight commanders. They also will provide guidance and mentoring to other officers while performing alert. That second tour likely would be at a different ICBM base. Currently, missileers do a four-year tour during which they could serve as an instructor or evaluator for more experienced officers, which is contrary to the Air Force standard operational training model. The “3+3” pattern will be phased in, with missileers who arrived at Malmstrom in 2011 completing a four-year tour but those who arrived in later years serving between three and four years. Officers who arrived in late 2013 and later will serve a three-year tour. (See also Global Strike Evolution from the August 2014 issue of Air Force Magazine.)