AFMC’s Strategic Plan Focuses on Third Offset

Air Force Materiel Command on March 16 released its vision to help the Air Force develop and procure aircraft and other equipment under the Defense Department’s “Third Offset” strategy, which uses new technology to counter capabilities developed by adversaries. The command’s 2016 strategic plan outlines four specific goals for the command to remain accountable, save money, and provide effective capabilities. The “Third Offset” strategy looks to use technologies, such as human-machine teaming, hypersonics, and automation, to increase DOD’s capability, especially in contested areas. “It is important that we understand and embrace our commitment to be the ‘most trusted’ and ‘agile’ provider in order to bolster the trust and confidence of those we serve,” AFMC Commander Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski said in the plan. “We want our mission partners to come to us because they know we’re going to deliver quality products and services, at the price we say; that they’ll get things on time; and we’ll be there to support it.” The plan’s four goals are: increase agility of AFMC support to the Air Force enterprise, bolster trust and confidence of those it serves, drive cost-effectiveness, and recruit and develop a diverse and resilient team. The plan includes specific objectives, such as reducing hiring timelines, increasing customer satisfaction by 10 percent, and delivering products on time 95 percent of time, among several others. (See also Third Offset for Air Force.)