Air Force Funds Relationship Consulting Study

The 711th Human Performance Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, teamed up with Clark University to study how much a significant relationship influences the overall health, happiness, and readiness of airmen. The study is part of the Air Force’s efforts to “strengthen the resiliency of airmen and their families,” stated a Feb. 12 release. The pilot stage of the study incorporates 30-minute marriage assessment and feedback sessions, known as “marriage check-ups,” into participating airmen’s primary care clinic visit. The check-ups include suggestions on how the couple may strengthen their relationship, stated the release. Military members have unique stressors in their relationships, due largely to frequent deployments, said James Cordova, a professor of psychology at Clark University who developed the marriage check-up concept. Even a brief encounter with a relationship consultant has positive and lasting effects on a relationship, said Cordova. “Our hope is to allow loving couples to maintain strong, healthy, and happy relationships for a lifetime,” he said.