Air Force Issues Same-Sex Marriage Policy

The Air Force has published new guidance clarifying its same sex-marriage policy in regard to obtaining an administrative absence to get married. Airmen who live in a state that does not legally recognize same-sex marriage are eligible for an administrative absence as long as they are based more than 100 miles from a state, the District of Columbia, or other jurisdiction in which they can legally marry, states the service’s Oct. 17 release. “This will allow all airmen to be recognized equally under the law in regard to spousal benefits,” said Maj. Mark Cipolla of the Air Force’s force management policy division. Airmen can receive up to seven days of an administrative absence if stationed in the continental United States and up to 10 days if stationed overseas, states the release. Also, they may receive a maximum of two travels days if located in the continental United States and up to five travel days if overseas.