Air Force Launches New Doctrine Website

The Air Force’s Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education at Maxwell AFB, Ala., recently launched a website that’s designed to make it easier for airmen to access the service’s fundamental documents, its doctrine. The new website is the culmination of a yearlong effort by center officials to restructure how the Air Force writes and presents doctrine, states a Maxwell release. The online data base is organized into five core volumes: basic doctrine, leadership, command, operations, and support; there are 29 supporting annexes, according to the Nov. 25 release. Prior to the launch, the Air Force posted its doctrine at its e-publishing website in 32 singularly focused Air Force doctrine documents that took up more than 2,600 pages. “Using a data base over publications vastly improves consistency of language and content in doctrine as well as the timeliness of updates,” said Maj. Gen. Walter Givhan, the center’s commander. “Additionally, the data base has a ‘Wiki-like’ feel to it, which we anticipate will increase its appeal and utility, especially among our younger airmen,” he said. (Maxwell report by Phil Berube)