Air Force Recruiting Remains Strong

The Air Force’s recruiting numbers remained strong for Fiscal 2015 through June, according to the Pentagon’s newest recruiting statistics. The Active Duty component met its fiscal year-to-date target by bringing in 17,495 accessions, states the Defense Department’s Aug. 4 release. The Air National Guard also matched its goal by accepting 6,810 accessions. The Air Force Reserve exceeded its fiscal-year-to-date target with 5,213 accessions, 104.4 percent of its goal of 4,994, according to the release. Across the sister services, only the Army National? Guard and Active Duty Army did not meet or exceed its numerical accessions goal through June. The Active Duty brought in 38,918 accessions, 89.2 percent of its goal of 43,614. The Army National Guard met 90.3 percent of its goal with 32,654 accessions, states the release.