Air Force Requests Air Force One Replacement Proposal

The Air Force released a request for proposal from Boeing for the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the presidential aircraft recapitalization program on Monday. The request calls for the fielding of two modified 747-8 aircraft that are anticipated to replace the current Air Force One fleet in 2024. The service is still considering buying a third production representative aircraft, according to a release detailing the RFP. Boeing has already been awarded more than $150 million to carry out risk-reduction activities for the program to replace the VC-25 fleet. “The results of our ongoing risk reduction efforts are providing data that we can use to make sound decisions regarding the requirements and design trade-offs,” said Col. Amy McCain, the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program manager, according to the release. “These requirements decisions will then be applied to Boeing’s EMD proposal.” (See also: The Next Air Force One from the June issue of Air Force Magazine.)