Air Force Depot Delivers its First C-130H with Upgraded Avionics

The first Air Force C-130H aircraft fitted with state-of-the-art cockpit equipment at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center in Georgia arrived last week at Little Rock AFB, Ark. This is the fourth overall C-130H upgraded under the Boeing-led C-130 Avionics Modernization program and delivered to Little Rock, but the first one that USAF technicians modified as opposed to Boeing workers at the company’s San Antonio plant. “This is the first of the US Air Force C-130 AMP aircraft we will deliver to the warfighter, and we are proud of the product,” said John Adams, chief of Warner Robins’ tactical airlift division. This C-130 is one of five that will participate in initial operational testing and evaluation at Little Rock beginning later this month. The second aircraft undergoing the modifications at Warner Robins is scheduled for delivery to Little Rock in February. It will be the fifth updated C-130H for IOT&E. (Boeing release)