Air Force Evaluating Uruzgan Incident

The Air Force is reviewing US Forces-Afghanistan’s classified report into the accidental February attack on Afghan civilians in Uruzgan Province that killed up to 23 people. The service intends to address its findings, Air Force spokesman Maj. Richard Johnson told the Daily Report Wednesday (see full USAF statement). Among many shortcomings, the report faulted an MQ-1 Predator crew for “inaccurate and unprofessional reporting” of its overhead observations before an Army Kiowa helicopter attacked three vehicles thought to contain insurgents. Gen. Norton Schwartz, Air Force Chief of Staff, has acknowledged mistakes and said the report’s “findings need to be acted on,” according to Johnson. (US Forces-Afghanistan release) (Report executive summary) (For more background, read May 31 Wall Street Journal report and May 30 Washington Post report.)