Air Force Touts Global Hawk Savings

As a result of rigorous reviews over the last several years, Air Force officials said they’ve been able to cut program costs for the RQ-4 Global Hawk and ensure the remotely piloted aircraft’s sustainment into the future. The recent decision to reduce Block 30 air vehicles, along with the associated sensors, from 42 to 31 is expected to save the Pentagon about $2 billion, according to the service officials. “We have already seen approximately $39 million of total program savings as a result of the efficiencies currently in place, and [we] anticipate a similar outlook for the future,” said Randy Walden, director of information dominance programs in USAF’s acquisition shop. “Global Hawks are getting the job done today for the warfighter in the field and will continue to be a key contributor in our intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.” The Global Hawk program is expected to reach full-rate production next month. (SAF/PA report by MSgt. Amaani Lyle)