Air Guard Revising Ancillary Training

The Indiana Air National Guard’s 122nd Fighter Wing in Fort Wayne has been hosting Air Guard representatives from across the United States this week for discussions on streamlining the Air Guard’s ancillary training activities. The goal of this gathering is to devise the way “to reduce the ancillary training in the ANG by over 90 percent from what it currently is,” states the wing’s Dec. 13 release. Air Guard Director Lt. Gen. Bud Wyatt recently commissioned this event, according to the release. Wing spokesman MSgt. Darin Hubble told the Daily Report on Thursday that the participants are addressing three main areas: Total Force awareness training, expeditionary skills training, and combat arms training and maintenance. Although the powwow concludes on Friday, teams will be working throughout January to finalize the changes before the Feb. 1, 2013, deadline that Wyatt has established, said Hubble. The 122nd FW is an A-10 unit. (See also Fort Wayne’s Journal Gazette report.)