Airmen Train Romanians on Airfield Management

Airmen with the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing at Ramstein AB, Germany, instructed Romanian airmen in airfield management practices and operations during Exercise Dacian Warhawk at Campia Turzii, Romania, according to a Ramstein release. “This event provided the baseline on which the Romanian air force can build the airfield management capability and successfully guide airfield safety and construction projects,” said Maj. Justin Rex, an air advisor with the wing’s 435th Contingency Response Group. Unlike the Air Force, the Romanians do not yet have airmen specifically trained to manage airfield operations and maintain airfield standards, states the release. During the drills, the Romanians practiced preventing foreign object damage, evaluating airfield pavement, and safely driving vehicles on the airfield. The Air Force has expanded its training activities in Romania in recent years, and the NATO ally hosts a large air transit hub for US forces at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base. Dacian Warhawk ran from March 10 to March 27.