Airmen Conclude Exercise in Bangladesh

More than 40 airmen and two C-130 transports from the 374th Airlift Wing at Yokota AB, Japan, last week participated in Cope South 2010, a four-day exercise in Bangladesh. They trained with their Bangladesh air force counterparts at Kurmitola AB, Bangladesh, with a focus on responding jointly to regional disasters with their respective C-130s and AN-32 transports and introducing Bangladeshi pilots and navigators to flying with night-vision goggles. Many of the activities comprised subject-matter exchanges between experts in operations, maintenance, navigation, and rigging. “Procedures and techniques were shared by both forces and I think we’ve learned quite a bit from each other,” said Lt. Col. Rick Richard, commander of Yokota’s 36th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron. He added, “We’ve also expanded our relationships along the way.” The exercise concluded on Sept. 23. (Kurmitola report by MSgt. Jeff Loftin) (See also Yokota report by Capt. Tania Bryan)