Airmen Train to Defend Against insider Threats

Airmen deployed to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, recently learned how to deal with an insider attack on base, according to a base release. Coalition troops have been killed and wounded in attacks by rogue members of Afghan security forces who suddenly turned their guns on their coalition partners. These attacks are called “green on blue” incidents. Because of this lingering threat, security forces airmen at Bagram trained other airmen assigned to the base on how to defend against such attacks, states the March 21 release. “The goal is to get them familiar with firing from different positions in a high-stress scenario,” said TSgt. Steven Ely, a combat arms instructor with Bagram’s 455th Expeditionary Security Forces Group. During the training, airmen are instructed to fire starting from a seated position and also while moving toward the attacker. “The airmen need to be either shooting or reloading and not waiting to be targets,” said SSgt. Zachary Regan, another instructor. (Bagram report by SrA. Chris Willis)