Air Power on Display

Forty-two aircraft from across the Air Force and the sister services flew strike missions and practiced air-to-air refueling this week during a phase-two operational readiness exercise, dubbed Sea Lion 11-05, based out of Shaw AFB, S.C. “We are in a good location geographically, with many different assets in close proximity, and the airspace and air-to-ground ranges to accommodate us,” said Maj. Cameron Nordin, chief of inspections for Shaw’s 20th Fighter Wing. “The integration of all the assets is exactly how we would fight; therefore, this is some of the best training for our airmen, as well as for other services participating.” Assembled for the May 2 exercise were: an E-3 AWACS, F-22s, F-15Es, active duty and Air National Guard F-16s, Marine Corps F/A-18s, and Air Guard and Air Force Reserve Command KC-135s. (Seymour Johnson report by Heather Stanton)