AirSea Battle’s Carolina Workout

US and British tactical aircraft practiced breaching and destroying complex enemy air defenses in a joint exercise over the North Carolina coast. F-15Es from Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C., and F-22s from JB Langley-Eustis, Va., integrated with Marine Corps and Navy aircraft and Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters during Exercise Razor Talon on Feb. 7, according to Seymour Johnson’s Feb. 12 release. “This is a homegrown initiative started by the 4th Fighter Wing to allow large force employment exercise opportunities for units along the East Coast,” said Col. Jeannie Leavitt, wing commander. In addition to suppression of enemy air defenses, more than 75 combat and support aircraft flew a large-scale maritime strike scenario over the Atlantic, states the release. The exercise supported the Air Force-Navy AirSea Battle construct that calls for closer integration of air and maritime forces to overcome anti-access environments. “To do effective AirSea Battle, you need to practice where joint service units have ready access to water,” said Lt. Col. Paul Birch, commander of Seymour Johnson’s operations support squadron. This year’s exercise marked the first time there was international participation, according to the release. (Seymour Johnson report by 1st Lt. Keavy Rake)