All Ears

The Air Force demonstrated the quieter engines and faster climb-out capability of its new C-5M Super Galaxy transport to members of the combined noise abatement committee at Ramstein AB, Germany, on Sept. 30. The committee comprises host-nation representatives and USAF officials who meet twice annually to discuss ways to lessen air traffic noise at the busy US airlift hub. “Rather than just reading about it, our host nation community leaders saw for themselves how a quieter and faster climbing C-5M will help us meet our noise abatement goals,” said Brig. Gen. Mark Dillon, commander of Ramstein’s 86th Airlift Wing. The Air Force plans to upgrade 52 C-5s to the Super Galaxy configuration. The three current C-5Ms in the inventory will be transiting through Ramstein during the model’s operational testing phase that runs through next January. (Ramstein report by Capt. Megan Schafer)