An Aggressor Makeover

The threat pilots face during exercises over Nellis AFB, Nev., will soon have a new look. Last week, the 64th Aggressor Squadron unveiled a new ‘splinter’ paint scheme for their F-16s. The pattern of white, gray, and blue patches with sharp edges “is a means of representing threats more accurately,” said Capt. Ken Spiro, chief of intelligence for 64th AGRS, according to a 99th Air Base Wing release. “There are real world threats that paint their jets in this way so we are changing over to make it more physically like their aircraft.” A second ‘shark’ paint scheme is being designed and will be introduced in the coming months. The Air Force didn’t share which aircraft inspired the new camouflage patterns, but those schemes closely resemble ones seen on Russian aircraft, including the fifth generation Sukhoi PAK-FA fighter and the Su-35.