New Home for 11th Wing

The Air Force last week shifted its historic 11th Wing from Bolling AFB, D.C., to JB Andrews, Md. The unit assumes the duties of Andrews’ 316th Wing, including Presidential support. On Oct. 1, Andrews officials reflagged the 316th Wing as the 11th Wing and then inactivated the former. The 11th Wing’s transfer occurred as part of the BRAC 2005-mandated merger of Bolling with Anacostia Naval Station, creating JB Anacostia-Bolling, D.C. Completed on Sept. 30, this merger put the Navy in charge of the base’s operations, including security and law enforcement. Rather than retire the 11th Wing’s colors, the Air Force moved it to Andrews. The 11th Wing began in 1933 as the 11th Observation Group, and based at Hickam Field, Hawaii. The unit fought the Japanese during World War II from the opening minutes of the Pearl Harbor attack. (Andrews report by Joseph Rector) (See also Andrews report by Capt. Christian Hodge)