ANG F-16s Qualify with Lower Cost, Laser-Guided Bomb

An Air National Guard F-16 unit has successfully released eight Lockheed Martin Enhanced Laser Guided Training Rounds (ELGTR) during flight evaluations at the Barry M. Goldwater Ranges in Arizona, the company announced Tuesday. The weapons employment—the first for an ANG unit—completed the evaluation of ELGTR for use on F-16C/D Block 40/42 fighters. The relatively low-cost ELGTR duplicates the key performance and laser engagement requirements of the expensive Paveway II Laser Guided Bombs, providing fighter units an economical way to practice precision strikes. The flight evaluation demonstrated the accuracy of the ELGTR, with the weapons hitting within three meters, about 10 feet, Lockheed said. ELGTRs are in use by several allied air forces and are compatible with F/A-18s and AV-8Bs, in addition to F-16s. (See also: Yes, There is a Bomb Shortage.)