Another Case of Foot in Mouth

Marines seeing a new Air Force recruiting video in which a military training instructor says USAF’s basic training has the hardest physical training standards of all the services got riled, reports The Examiner. We looked at the PT standards and found that USMC recruits must run three miles versus the 1.5 miles for USAF recruits, while both services require 50 sit-ups. The Air Force requires a minimum of 45 pushups (male), and, although there are no USMC pushups, marine recruits must complete combat fitness testing, including lifting a 30-pound ammunition can overhead for at least 45 times in two minutes (male). The Air Force MTI must have read a different set of standards. The Air Force Recruiting Service, prompted by CMSAF James Roy, who was alerted to the video by his counterpart, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Carlton Kent, has removed the video. (USAF standards; USMC standards)