Another Step Closer

GEO-1, the first Space Based Infrared System satellite, has completed its final major pre-launch test, Air Force space officials announced Monday. This regression test, held at various locations in Colorado and California, demonstrated the ability to transmit data between the spacecraft and flight control facilities, they said. It also showed that the integrated GEO-1 ground and space components can perform operational functions. “Successful completion of this critical test is a reflection of the dedication and hard work” of the Air Force and industry SBIRS team, stated Lt. Col. Douglas Sersun, acting director for SBIRS systems engineering and integration. GEO-1 arrived at Cape Canaveral AFS, Fla., earlier this month. It is currently going through a series of tests there in preparation for its launch in early May into a geosynchronous Earth orbit. SBIRS satellites will replace the legacy Defense Support Program early warning constellation. (Los Angeles release)