Another Strong Recruiting Year

The Air Force and its reserve components all met or exceeded their recruiting goals for Fiscal 2012, according to the Defense Department’s statistics for the complete fiscal year released on Nov. 19. This continues the streak going back to Fiscal 2008 for all three components reaching or going beyond their annual enlisted accessions targets. In Fiscal 2012, which concluded on Sept. 30, the Air Force’s Active Duty component brought in the 29,037 recruits for whom it had planned, according to the Pentagon’s data. The Air National Guard surpassed its fiscal year goal, accepting 9,437 accessions, or 1,227 more than its original target of 8,210. The Air Force Reserve also exceeded its goal, attracting 8,116 recruits, 85 more than its target. Across the other services and their reserve components, only the Army Reserve fell slightly short of its goal. However, that shortfall “was the result of precision recruiting which was implemented in an effort to rebalance the force,” states the Pentagon’s release. (See also the Pentagon’ Fiscal 2011 numbers, along with our entry on the Fiscal 2012 data through August.)