Arizona Air Guard Boss Removed

Arizona National Guard Adjutant General Army Maj. Gen. Hugo Salazar fired his second in command, Air National Guard chief Brig. Gen. Michael Colangelo, over the disputed results of an inspector general investigation, according to press reports. The IG ruled that Colangelo’s dismissal of several ANG officers due to alleged misconduct constituted an abuse of his authority as the state’s assistant adjutant general, reported the Arizona Republic News. Contesting the IG’s findings, Colangelo petitioned Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) to defend his job, accusing Salazar of “dishonorable intentions” toward him, according to the newspaper’s Aug. 24 report. Salazar said his action against Colangelo “was just because I wanted to go in a different direction.” He added that Colangelo “was not terminated for the IG complaints,” but a “breakdown in trust.” Brewer’s office has declined comment since Colangelo’s removal on Aug. 14, according to the newspaper.