Assaulting Fort Sill

C-17 aircrews from Altus AFB, Okla., are practicing assault landings at nearby Fort Sill since the runway at Altus is undergoing construction and isn’t available for training. “We are very appreciative of Fort Sill’s leaders working with our leaders to allow us to come over and continue training,” said Maj. Michele Lobianco, assistant director of operations for Altus’ 97th Operations Support Squadron. The Altus pilots are honing their skills in assault landing zone procedures that require them to land in a 500-foot area on the runway and stop in less than 3,500 feet. They range in experience from seasoned instructors to student pilots training for instructor or commander pilot positions. Lobianco said this practice also is “perfect training for responding to natural disasters” where C-17s might have to bring in relief supplies to airports with only partially accessible runways. (Fort Sill report by James Brabenec)