At Buckley, Construction Is Booming

The switch of Buckley Air National Guard Base to Buckley Air Force Base in 2000 required a long-term facility plan that includes some 19 projects that are either done or in the works through 2015. Among the projects already completed are: a fitness center and second dorm in 2004; wing headquarters building and infrastructure upgrades in 2005; medical clinic additions, chapel, and child development center in 2006; and 351 privatized housing units and a services administration building in 2007. On the way toward completion this year are leadership development and communications centers, and for next year, a consolidated fuels facility and a combination visitors quarters/temporary lodging facility. The remaining list includes: security forces operations facility (2010); education center with library and logistics complex (2013); and government vehicle maintenance facility and small arms range (2015). That’s not all. Work at Buckley also will include some BRAC 2005-inspired projects, including a building for the Air Reserve Personnel Center, currently located at the former Lowry Air Force Base in Denver. (Buckley report by MSgt. Dorothy Goepel)