Attacking Biological Agents

A technical team from the Air Force Research Laboratory successfully demonstrated that hot, humid air could decontaminate large pieces of equipment from biological agents during an Air Mobility Command-sponsored recent joint capability technology demonstration on a C-130. During the Jan. 22 demonstration at Orlando International Airport, Fla., the technical team, with contract support from AeroClave LLC, “simulated Anthrax contamination by using an environmentally safe, commercially available organic insecticide,” according to a March 4 release. Larry Magnuson, AMC’s operational manager on the Joint Biological Agent Decontamination System, said “preliminary indicators point to a ‘complete kill’ of the biological simulant,” though final results are pending. JBADS is the result of a multi-year, joint project designed to quickly return a biologically contaminated aircraft to full service without jeopardizing the aircrew, states the release. The final outbrief was attended by the Air Force Chief Scientist, as well as representatives of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering (Emerging Capabilities & Prototyping), Department of Homeland Security, Joint Requirements Office, Joint Science and Technology Office, Joint Program Executive Office, US Transportation Command, US Strategic Command, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Headquarters US Air Force, Air Force Special Operations Command, and AMC.