Aviano Deployment Cements Polish Partnership

F-16 pilots and ground crews from Aviano AB, Italy, are training in realistic wartime scenarios with their Polish counterparts at Lask AB, Poland, according to US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa officials. This training is occurring as part of the third rotation of US air assets to Poland since the standup of the US aviation detachment at Lask in November. “Poland is a pretty new NATO player,” said Capt. Brad Zimmerman of Aviano’s 510th Fighter Squadron, in a July 16 USAFE release. “Building relationships, like what we’re doing with this training, ensures we are a reliable force against aggressors,” he said. “We have very similar procedures but different tactics,” said Polish air force Lt. Col. Pawel Marcinkowski, 6th Fighter Squadron commander. “Each time we have the Americans over, we learn something new. We begin to know what to expect and are not surprised when we fly together,” he said. The training began on July 15 and continues until July 26. (Lask report by SSgt. Daryl Knee and second Lask report by Knee)