B-1 Adds Low-Collateral-Damage Bomb to Quiver

Members of the 337th Test and Evaluation Squadron said they successfully tested the compatibility of the BLU-129 low-collateral-damage bomb with the B-1 bomber at the Utah Test and Training Range. The BLU-129 is a 500-pound guided munition that features a composite warhead—as opposed to a metal warhead—in order to destroy a target while causing the least amount of collateral damage. “The goal of this test was to verify if a B-1’s software would be compatible with the weapon,” said Maj. Thomas Bryant of the unit. He added, “Successfully accomplishing this test proves the B-1 is fully capable to employ this weapon.” The BLU-129’s addition makes the B-1 an even more flexible platform for supporting ground commanders from overhead, said Bryant. The test took place on Jan. 27. The squadron is headquartered at Dyess AFB, Tex. (Dyess report by A1C Charles V. Rivezzo)