B-1B Software Upgrade Test Flying Begins

Flight testing of the B-1B Lancer’s modernized cockpit software kicked off at Edwards AFB, Calif., at the beginning of this month. The Sustainment Block 16A software package fully enables the Lancer’s recently added glass cockpit and Link 16 data sharing capacity, according to an April 15 Edwards’ release. “Major software enhancements include improved integration between the B-1 offensive avionics system, various onboard sensors, and the data link, which results in improved battle space awareness for both the B-1 aircrew and fellow strike package assets,” said 419th Flight Test Squadron Pilot Capt. Carlos Pinedo. The software test effort “builds on and merges” testing of the B-1’s Intergrated Battle Station, glass cockpit, new inertial navigation, and improved radar, he added. Testers at Edwards plan to incrementally test four sequential software packages, wrapping up integration trials by the end of February 2015, states the release.