B-1B Enhances Quiver Against Moving Targets

The Air Force has cleared the B-1B bomber to employ the GBU-54 Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition—a moving target killer—thanks to an upgrade to the Sniper targeting pod. The bomber has used Sniper in combat since 2008. The Sustainment Block-14B/Laptop Controlled Targeting Pod Phase II upgrade allows the pod’s laser to track a moving target and send constant updates to the aircraft’s avionics systems through a laptop computer. “Perhaps the greatest benefit of this upgrade will be the ability to streamline the targeting process and get bombs on target faster,” said Lt. Col. Matthew Brooks, 9th Bomb Squadron commander at Dyess AFB, Tex., one of USAF’s two B-1 stateside bases. Successful developmental and operational testing has paved the way for the 9th BS to be the first B-1 unit to use the new SB-14B/LCTP2-Laser JDAM pairing in combat. “The Bats will be ready to employ this capability from day one,” stated Brooks. (Dyess report by SrA. Robert Hicks)