Barksdale B-52s Complete Guam Deployment

Airmen of the 96th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron and their B-52s have concluded a four-month deployment to Andersen AFB, Guam. They left Barksdale AFB, La., in early April as part of a normal rotation of bombers to Andersen, which hosts a continual bomber presence, either B-2s or B-52s, to provide stability in the Pacific region. While there, the Barksdale airmen flew multiple non-stop missions to training ranges in Australia, East Asia, and Hawaii, to practice putting bombs on target. “Long-endurance training flights teach a crew how to cope with realistic conditions and what can be an incredibly fatiguing experience,” said Capt. Allen Agnes, 96th EBS plans and programs officer. The bombers also participated in the Northern Edge joint training exercise in Alaska. Agnes said the B-52s completed 190 sorties and accumulated nearly 1,500 flying hours, their “highest ops tempo in three years.” (Andersen report by A1C Whitey Tucker)