Barksdale’s Hybrid Drill

Hundreds of airmen at Barksdale AFB, La., coupled a two-day, simulated-deployment exercise with an actual overseas deployment. This was the first time that base officials had ever combined such an exercise with a real-world deployment, according to Barksdale officials. “This allows us to meet our exercise requirements for the year by combining a real-world deployment with an exercise,” said 1st Lt. Joe Mercurio, 2nd Bomb Wing installation deployment officer. During the event, held July 27-28, base officials processed 263 personnel and 323 tons of cargo for a mock deployment, with simulated aircraft arrivals and departures. This simulated drill gave airmen who have never deployed before the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the process and get their records updated for when they actually do deploy. While these airmen were busy with the simulated deployment, another group of airmen actually did leave for Guam. (Barksdale report by A1C Samuel O’Brien)