Base Amenities Within Reach of Budget Axe

Bowling alleys and golf courses at Air Force installations may not be immune to budget cuts. In fact, such amenities might be up for closure in some cases. “In this fiscally constrained environment, commanders at all levels are evaluating program areas to ensure limited resources are applied where they are most needed,” Air Force spokeswoman Maj. Jennifer Spires told the Daily Report June 13. “In light of this, commanders have been reviewing numerous areas to include programs which enhance the community.” However, Spires said “every installation is unique,” so it’s impossible to say which amenities are most likely to be cut. As such, the Services Transformation Project, which provides commanders detailed information about community programs and whether they are deemed “sound investments,” is ongoing, with no set date for completion, she said. After commanders review the results, “actions vary from retaining programs; modification of programs to make them more efficient and affordable; and possible program divestiture,” she said. Airmen are encouraged to respond to the 2012 Climate Survey, which runs through June 22, to make their voices heard regarding base amenities.