Blowing an AMP

In place of the C-130 Avionics Modernization Program, which the Air Force seeks to terminate in its Fiscal 2013 budget request, the service is proposing a more affordable and less technically complex project to upgrade the communications and navigation gear on its legacy combat-delivery C-130s. The Optimize Legacy C-130 Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, Air Traffic Management program will outfit these H-model C-130s to comply with modern air space requirements, allowing them to fly at the most advantageous altitudes and direct routes for reduced fuel consumption, according to the Air Force’s Fiscal 2013 budget overview (caution, large-size file). These upgrades will “meet the basic CNS/ATM requirements and resolve obsolescence issues for the legacy C-130 fleet,” states the document. The Air Force projects that the proposed savings from these changes will to amount to some $300 million in Fiscal 2013 and $2.3 billion between Fiscal 2013 and Fiscal 2017, according to the Pentagon’s Fiscal 2013 budget overview (caution, large-size file.) Boeing has been the lead contractor for AMP, which has progressed into its low-rate initial production phase.