Boeing Confident in Saab Partnership for T-X

Le Bourget, France Boeing is working to refine a new-build design with Swedish aerospace firm Saab for the upcoming T-X competition, utilizing Saab’s experience in smaller, lighter fighter designs to refine their trainer proposal. Chris Raymond, company vice president for defense business development and strategy, told reporters at the Paris Air Show the company continues to be “very engaged” with the Air Force on the program, which he described as a “critical program for the future.” Boeing is offering an integrated solution linking both its military and support divisions. Raymond acknowledged the activity in the “marketplace” on the pending program—Northrop also announced it will bid a new-build design—but said, “We have to stay focused on what we are trying to do.” He said Boeing is maturing its “clean sheet” design with its partner. Jeff Kohler, Boeing’s VP for international defense business development, said Saab has a “lot of unique ideas on how to put it together, with some of the training solutions.” Kohler said both companies have put their people together in integrated teams and are conducting periodic management reviews of the design. The Air Force, which released its final requirements for the T-X in March, wants a fleet of 350 aircraft with first deliveries slated for 2022.