Boeing Continues Work of Air Force One Replacement

The Air Force awarded Boeing a $127.3 million contract modification Friday to continue its risk-reduction activities for the presidential aircraft recapitalization program. Under the deal, Boeing will continue the pre-milestone B work of detailing requirements and design trade-offs for the modified 747-8 aircraft that will replace the current Air Force One fleet. The focus will be on system specification, the environmental control system, the aircraft interior, and the electrical and power system, and sustainment and maintenance approaches, according to a release detailing the contract. “The information from these studies is essential for us to make informed decisions on the design and modifications to the 747-8 aircraft, which will have long-term impacts to sustainment costs of the next Air Force One,” said Col. Amy McCain, the PAR program manager, according to an Air Force release announcing the modification. With the award, Boeing has received over $150 million to work on modifying its 747-8 to replace the aging VC-25 fleet. By the end of the summer, the service expects a Milestone B review of the program and a final decision on whether two or three aircraft will make up the new presidential fleet that is expected in 2024. (See also: The Next Air Force One from the June issue of Air Force Magazine.)