Bomber Force Deep Dive Concludes

Air Force Global Strike Command has concluded its Force Improvement Program across 8th Air Force, and teams are now refining some 200 recommendations in areas such as bomber operations, Total Force integration, and training. Functional working groups conducted 1,627 interviews with airmen in operations, maintenance, security forces, operations support, and mission support fields, AFGSC spokeswoman Kathryn Blais told Air Force Magazine. The command also conducted more than 4,400 field surveys. Lt. Gen. Stephen Wilson signed off on 92 percent of the 215 recommendations generated, Blais said. The recommendations focus on eight categories: leadership, mission, operations tempo, manning and resources, facilities and equipment, inspections, “culture of fear,” and Total Force integration improvements. Six teams are now working to track issues requiring more investigation from the recommendations, she added, focusing on training and capabilities, continuous bomber presence, maintenance generation, cruise missile sustainment, aircraft sustainment, and TFI issues. The teams will continue work on “developing and refining their respective courses of action,” Blais said, adding the command will provide more details as the implementation process rolls out. During September’s Air & Space Conference, Wilson said he anticipated rolling out a comprehensive report by November.