Bomber Partners Separated, not Divorced

Le Bourget, France —There’s still some sort of partnership between Boeing and Lockheed Martin on long-range strike, Boeing Military Aircraft President Chris Chadwick said Tuesday, but it seems to be in suspension. Clearly wanting to avoid saying much about it, Chadwick said “suffice to say, we have to look at the requirements” for the Air Force’s future penetrating bomber when the service finally divulges them, and then explore “what our teaming options are.” The teaming agreement between the two companies, announced several years ago—but before the Pentagon leadership cancelled the previous long-range bomber program—”did not have a time constraint” on it, said Chadwick, “but it can be dissolved. All options are on the table.” He declined to comment on whether the two companies jointly developed any technology, and, if so, how either one could use that technology on a solo approach to the future bomber program.