Buckley Unveils Master Plan for Base Development

Representatives from Buckley AFB, Colo., and the local Aurora community earlier this month unveiled the master plan detailing how they intend to grow and develop the installation over the next 20 years in concert with the local area. The plan envisions Buckley transitioning from an auto park to a campus-style installation, creating a more livable and social community, according to a base release. “We picture Buckley becoming one of the most innovative bases in the continental United States,” said Matthew Stewart, a master plan consultant. He added, “We wanted to go to a nice, green, walkable community that is sustainable.” The master plan’s unveiling took place on March 4 at the Aurora City Building. The process of developing the Buckley master plan will serve as a blueprint for development at other Air Force Space Command installations, states the release. “We are going to start developing our installations in a more sustainable fashion,” said Joe Elms, AFSPC community planner. (Aurora report by SSgt. Nicholas Rau)