Build Up On Guam

Andersen AFB, Guam The strategic importance of Andersen AFB, Guam, is evident as you drive around the base. Almost everywhere one looks here, there is a construction project underway. The Marine Corps has been developing the north ramp in preparation for the anticipated move of several thousand Marines from Okinawa AB, Japan, to Andersen. In Fiscal 2014, contracts were awarded to harden some of the base’s fuel system pieces and build two large hardened hangars intended to modernize the base’s maintenance capability, said Steve “Taz” Wolborsky, director of the 36th Wing plans, programs, and readiness. The Navy also is constructing a hangar for its MQ-4 remotely piloted aircraft, which is expected to arrive at Andersen in the next three years. In Fiscal 2015, Congress authorized funding for a corrosion control maintenance facility, although it ultimately was not appropriated. The President’s Fiscal 2016 budget again requests funding for the facility, as well as funds for a warehouse to store “resiliency products,” a hardened command post, and some more utility work on the south ramp to upgrade the base’s underground infrastructure. Andersen officials also are hoping to build a joint deployment-processing center near a new freight terminal, which would “optimize the logistics flow” and “speed things up,” he added.