C-17 Drops Indian/US Troops

During the latest Cope India exercise, running Oct. 19-23 and focusing on airlift operations, a C-17 from Hickam AFB, Hawaii, served as the platform—for the first time—for a combined US and Indian military HALO (high altitude, low opening) jump. Four US soldiers and 12 Indian troops made the jump. Some 160 airmen and soldiers, three C-130Hs, a single C-130J, and one C-17 are participating in this Cope India event. The Indian Air Force is employing one IL-76 Gajraj, four AN-32 Sutlejes, two Mi-17 Prataps, and one Cheak Alouette III. Capt. Billy Dye, a C-17 pilot with Hickam’s 535th Airlift Squadron, said, “Cope India allows our countries the ability to exchange humanitarian airlift, air-land, and airdrop delivery techniques.” (13th Air Force report by Capt. Genieve David)