C-5M IOC Coming Soon

Air Mobility Command chief Gen. Paul Selva said he would likely declare initial operational capability for the C-5M Super Galaxy transport next spring. Briefing reporters at AFA’s Air and Space Conference in National Harbor, Md., on Sept. 17, Selva said IOC would mean the delivery of the 16th C-5M. “We’re working very closely with Lockheed Martin” to reach the milestone by next May or June, he said. Two days after Selva spoke, the 12th C-5M left Lockheed Martin’s modification facility in Marietta, Ga., for Dover AFB, Del., its operating location. Selva said Lockheed Martin had discovered the need for some unanticipated work near the wingboxes of the C-5s being upgraded to the C-5M standard. That has added time to the complete the modifications. However, “they’ve streamlined the processes,” he said, “and they are essentially getting back on schedule.” The company will now deliver the next four aircraft in short order, said Selva. Absorbing them into the fleet will be “a little bit of a challenge,” he said. (See also Saving the New Galaxies.)