C-5 RERP Moves into Full-rate Production

The C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program has entered into its full-rate production phase with the Air Force’s award of a $162.9 million contract to Lockheed Martin this week. This contract covers the advanced procurement of materials and components for RERP Lot 5. The company will upgrade 11 C-5s during this lot, with touch labor starting on them in October 2012, Lockheed C-5 spokesman Chad Gibson told the Daily Report Thursday. Under RERP, Lockheed is installing General Electric CF6-80C2 engines, along with a host of improvements to the airframe and aircraft systems, to boost the C-5’s performance and reliability. Fifty-two C-5s (one C-5A, 49 C-5Bs, and two C-5Cs) will undergo the RERP upgrade, which, along with new avionics installed under a separate project, will transform them into the new C-5M Super Galaxy configuration. Lockheed has delivered four C-5Ms already and senior Air Force officials have praised the Super Galaxy’s performance.