Canada to Pull Out of Anti-ISIS Fight

Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday he will pull Canadian combat aircraft out of the coalition fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Trudeau told President Obama that Canada “would continue to engage in a responsible way” in the fight against ISIS, albeit in a non-combat role, according to The Guardian. In addition to the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornets and support aircraft deployed to the region, Canadian special forces troops are currently training friendly Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, according to the press report. The Prime Minister-elect gave no deadline for ending the deplo?yment, which recently expanded to targets in Syria, and was slated to last at least through next March. The RCAF currently has six CF-18s, supported by a CC-150 tanker, and a pair of CP-140 ISR aircraft, which have flown 1,637 sorties supporting coalition operations, according to RCAF figures, released Oct. 19. The Canadians also have “a presence in our operations center,” said OIR spokesman US Army Col. Steve Warren on Wednesday. “They’re great partners, but this is a big coalition,” said Warren. “We’re a 60-nation coalition, everyone contributes. So, you know, we continue to look forward to working with [the Canadians]. Don’t know exactly what’s coming next, but I do know that the Canadians have been a great contributing partner ever since this began.” (Warren transcript.)