Carter Ceremoniously Sworn In

Defense Secretary Ash Carter was officially sworn in during a March 6 ceremony hosted by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Army Gen. Martin Dempsey at the Pentagon. “As we know from Secretary Carter’s long experience in the department, he is the right person to lead the Department of Defense at this point in our history—not just for what he’s done, but in particular for how he’s done it,” said Dempsey. “Secretary Carter’s known for bringing judgment and candor to decisions, and for explaining those decisions in clear and honest language. This is something those of us in the armed forces very much appreciate.” Other speakers included 19th Defense Secretary William Perry, whom Carter served under during the Clinton Administration, and Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. During the ceremony, Carter praised US service members and acknowledged the many challenges DOD faces today, including growing turbulence in the Middle East, shrinking budgets, the rise of new powers in the Asia-Pacific, and increasing threats in cyberspace. He said it’s time to “think outside this five-sided box” and be open to new ideas and technologies coming from industry. (Pentagon release.)