Carter: Pacific Trade Deal Benefits US Military

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal reached Oct. 5 strengthens the military’s pivot to the Asia-Pacific and reinforces the “foundation of a vibrant economy” the Pentagon relies on, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in a statement. The deal, reached between the US and 11 nations during a five-day negotiating session in Atlanta, is a historic agreement that will help boost exports and increase access to growing markets, Carter said. “TPP also makes strong strategic sense as a critical piece of our rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific,” Carter said. “Our strategy is to promote an Asia-Pacific regional security architecture where everyone rises and prospers. By building partnerships through principle, openness, and high standards, TPP will help reduce regional instability and cement American influence and leadership in this fast-growing region of the world.” The deal reduces tariffs, regulates pharmaceutical trade, attempts to limit state-owned organizations, and establishes standards for 12 countries throughout the Pacific Rim, but notably excludes China.