Catching Up on Construction

The Air Force will increase its investment in previously deferred military construction projects in Fiscal 2017, Maj. Gen. James Martin told reporters Tuesday in a Pentagon briefing. USAF has proposed $380 million for F-35A, KC-46, and Combat Rescue Helicopter beddowns; $41 million for projects supporting the nuclear enterprise; and $115 million for dorm projects and a fitness center for the Active Air Force, Martin said. For the Air Force Reserve, the budget includes $181 million for KC-46 and C-17 projects; and for the Air National Guard, it includes $71 million for C-17 and F-22 projects and a new fire station, he said. The military construction budget also includes $53 million for a Joint Intelligence Analysis Complex, $43 million for European infrastructure consolidation site development and infrastructure, $35 million for a large aircraft maintenance hangar for US Central Command, and $35 million for munitions storage igloos in Asia-Pacific. However, with additional funding, the Air Force “could execute up to $464 million in [additional] new construction,” Martin said.