Cerberus Stolen, Training Gained

C-130Js from Ramstein AB, Germany, and Dyess AFB, Texas, recently deployed to Elefsis AB, Greece, for combined training with Army paratroopers and the Greek air force. “We’re here to strengthen our ties with the Greeks, one of our NATO allies, but we are also here to do training we can’t always do in Germany,” said Capt. Kirk Habrun, deputy commander of exercise Stolen Cerberus II, in a Feb. 9 release. “We have a lot of mountainous terrain here we can use in our low-level [flight training] routes we don’t get in a lot of other places in Europe,” he added. During the two-week exercise, Air Force C-130s practiced formation flying with their Hellenic Air Force counterparts, in addition to practicing low-level and night-vision aided flight operations, and joint US and Greek army parachute-jump training, according to the release. Airmen from the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing’s contingency response group facilitated operations.