Changes at the Academy

Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson presented the Board of Visitors with a list of proposals to move the academy forward last week, reported Stars and Stripes. Despite significant budget cuts, which have led to over 100 academy staff positions being cut, Johnson said she is confident the academy can continue its tradition of greatness, even in the wake of scandal and transition. Possible strategies moving forward include allowing a civilian exchange program, where cadets would be able to spend a semester as an ROTC leader at a civilian school; a re-examination of the curriculum to allow students more flexibility in selecting their own course loads; and defining an academy “essence,” which would allow leaders to focus on what they have to offer cadets, what makes the academy special. Johnson is expecting an inspector general’s report, which will address the school’s discipline policies and the congruence of its athletics programs to the Air Force mission—prompted by a string of controversies—on Oct. 7, states the report.